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Single Needle Felting Refill

Single Needle Felting Refill

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Replacement needle works with Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool (Part # 8901) and Single Needle Felting Tool (Part #8902). Size 40 needle. Inludes protective storage case. 2pcs per package.


Barbs for meshing fibers are concentrated at the tip of the needle, so wool can be condensed quickly with short strokes

Do not use for any purpose other than felting
Be careful when handling because the tip of the needle is extremely sharp
If the wool becomes difficult to stick as it becomes condensed, be careful not to use excessive force, which can cause the needle to break
*Before storing for a long period of time, punch it into a fabric with sewing machine oil in order to prevent the needle from rusting


Needle: Steel
Case: Polystyrene