Welcome to Alamosa Quilt Company
Welcome to Alamosa Quilt Company
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Artisan Curves Virtual Class

Artisan Curves come in many sizes and designs. These incredible rulers are used to create circular, oblong, and square designs.  In this 2-hour virtual event, we will explore a variety of rulers and the stunning designs that you can accomplish with Artisan Curves.  We will be designing first on paper, and then bringing the design alive on fabric.    You will learn the importance of Cross Hair Rulers, and placing designs within each other.  The Templee method will also be explored.   This event will take you to the next level of Ruler Work.

Class fee is $10. Class is live on Wednesday, June 16th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm Pacific time (that is 2:00 to 4:00 pm Mountain time). 

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Westalee products used in the class are:

Artisan Curves-Marquis & Iris template, Glider Mat, Ruler Foot, Stitching Line Disks, Crosshair Ruler 8Point, spacing gauge, ruler rack

Click here to watch a short video from the instructor, Diane Russell

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