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Welcome to Alamosa Quilt Company
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Class Details

Please call or come in to sign-up prior to coming to class so that our teachers can be fully prepared for you. As a courtesy to our teachers we request that you sign up at least two days prior to the date of the class. Class fees vary and are listed next to each class. If you are interested in a class but it is not scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, let us know. We will work with you to try to accommodate your schedule. A list of our classes along with photos of the class project is located below the calendar.
Cancellations: We understand that "life happens" and sometimes you need to cancel. We request that you cancel at least one day prior to your scheduled class. There are no refunds on class fees but with prior notice of cancellation we can try to reschedule for you or give you store credit for the class fee. If you simply don't show up then you forfeit your class fee.

If you have a specific project you need assistance with, let us know. We will pair you with the appropriate staff member to assist you with your project and schedule a class just for you so you can get guaranteed individual attention. There is a per hour charge for this that will depend on the project you need assistance with. We will set the per hour charge for your project when you sign up. The charge will depend on how much help you will need, how complicated the project is, etc...

Group List

Do you need some social sewing time? Consider joining one of our groups. Groups are informal get-togethers of like-minded folks for the purpose working on a project and socializing with others. The fee is $5 per session. For those who plan to attend every month we offer a discounted price of $50 for the year (which gives you 12 meetings for the price of ten). If you regularly attend more than one group a month we offer an even better deal, $75 for the year and you can attend any group we offer. You do still need to let us know if you are coming each month because (1) we will worry about you if we are expecting you and you don't show and (2) we need to make sure that we have enough seating for everyone. Below is a list of our current groups:

Spargoettes: This group meets twice a month on the first Wednesday and second Thursday. Members of this group work on Sue Spargo projects and Sue Spargo inspired projects (wool applique and hand embroidery).

2nd Saturday Sampler: This group meets the second Saturday and/or third Wednesday of each month. The purpose of the group is to work on the 2nd Saturday Sampler Block of the Month (BOM) program. Membership in this group is only for 2nd Saturday Sampler Club Members and is automatic with payment for the BOM. This is a time for you to work uninterrupted on your blocks here at the shop and get help with any blocks you are struggling with.

No Machines Allowed: This group meets the fourth Thursday of each month. Barb is the leader of this group. As the name suggests, this is a hand-sewing only group. Members work on hand applique, beading, hand quilting, English paper piecing - anything that does not require the use of a sewing machine. This group does occasionally plan a project to work on together. However, you are never obligated to participate in the planned project.

Sew Day: This is a new offering. The idea of a "sew day" is that this is a time for you to come in and sew on whatever you want. Maybe you are making a gift for a family member and you don't want to work on it at home because they might see something they shouldn't. Maybe you just need to get out of the house for a few hours. Maybe you are tired of sewing by yourself and just want a little company. Maybe you need to sew somewhere besides home so you don't get distracted by household chores. Whatever the reason, Sew Day is here for you. The cost to use our classroom space for the day is just $5.

Bring whatever supplies you will need for your project. Our classroom is stocked with a selection of basic rulers, a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and iron for you to use. We also have a large design wall if you need to stand back from your project to see your layout better. You can bring your lunch or a snack too! We have a small refrigerator, a microwave, and coffee pot to keep you going.

​You do need to sign up ahead of time to reserve your seat. No instruction will be provided. If you need help with your project, give us a call so we can set up a class for you.

Class List

Bargello (1 session, or more if you need it) - class fee $15 per session: The photo below shows an example of a Bargello quilt. We have a couple different books with a variety of different Bargello patterns. The technique is the same for all patterns so we will help you with whatever Bargello pattern you want to make.

Bargello Class Sample

Basic Hand Embroidery (1 session) - class fee $15: Learn the joys of hand stitching while making a small project. We have several kits to choose from as well as several books with small projects appropriate for a beginner to start with. The photo below shows one example of what you can make in this class.

Basic Hand Embroidery class sample

Basic Landscape (1 session) - class fee $20: Want to learn how to make a basic landscape that you can then add whatever details you want to personalize your project? We have a great class for you then. Below are two photos, the first shows a basic landscape and the second shows one option for personalizing your landscape.

Basic Landscape class sample 1

Basic Landscape class sample 2

Basic Tote Bag - (1 session) class fee $20 (includes the pattern). In this class you will learn how to make handles, box the bottom and line a bag. With this knowledge you can make quite a few different bags. 

Basic Tote Bag Class Sample

Basic Zipper Bag - (1 session) class fee $15: Let Lynn teach you how easy it is to put a zipper in a basic bag. Really! This is much easier than putting a zipper in clothing. There are quite a few tips and tricks that once you learn them you won't shy away from zippers again.

Basic Zipper Bag class samples

Beading - (1 session) class fee $15: Learn the basics of hand beading. The project is small so you can get the idea without a huge investment in time or money. The photo shows one example of the projects we have done with this class. We have also done ornaments.

Beading class sample

Beginner Sewing - class fee $15: Want to learn to sew but not ready to make a quilt? Then this is the class for you. We have three projects for you to choose from: a pillowcase, an apron, or a 10-Minute Table Runner. (Note: "10-Minute Table Runner" is just the name of the pattern. It does take longer than 10 minutes to make, especially for a beginner.) The focus on the class is basic sewing skills such as, accurate and safe cutting, sewing a straight line, and pressing basics. One session per project. Kit required.

English Paper Piecing - class fee $15: Learn the traditional art of English paper piecing. This is a hand-sewing technique that uses paper templates. There are many shapes and sizes of templates. You can pick any shape/size of template for the class and we will teach you the technique which can then be transferred to any other English paper piecing project.

Exploding Heart - class fee $15: This fun pattern makes a stunning finished quilt! Beginner friendly. The pattern makes a 72" by 72" finished size quilt, but this pattern is very easy to resize. The quilt shown finishes at 36" by 36". Could easily make a 108" by 108" (king size) quilt too. Pattern required.

Exploding Heart class sample

Finishing School - (1 session) class fee $20: (No photo for this course as it is a technique class, not a project class) In this class you will learn the basics of how to finish your quilt with binding, a label and a hanging sleeve. Ideally, you will bring a finished quilt that needs binding and learn how to attach the binding during the class. We can teach you how to attach the binding completely by machine or a combination of hand and machine sewing - your choice.

Four Corners Apron - (1 session) class fee $15: Pattern Required Learn to make this stylish apron. Beginner Friendly project.

Four Corners Apron Class Sample

Four Patch Posey - class fee $20: A fun project perfect for beginners as well as more advance stitchers. The class project requires just two fabrics - one "busy" print for the center and borders and one "plain" print for the inner border and binding. Fabric amounts vary depending on the repeat of the "busy" print and how big you want to make it. Part of the class is choosing an appropriate "busy" print. Pattern included with class fee.

Four Patch Posey Class Sample

Freelancer - class fee $20: This is a fun project for the intermediate to advance quilter looking for a challenge! The Wedge Star ruler makes this stunning project achievable without paper piecing. The ruler will make blocks in 22 sizes, from 3" finished (top quilt in photo) to 24" finished. Tools RequiredWedge Star Ruler. Pattern is included with the ruler. Level: Intermediate to advanced quilter.

Freelancer Class Samples

Free Motion Quilting - class fee $20: (No photo for this course as it is a technique class, not a project class) ​Learn the basics of free motion quilting. We will start where you need us to - at the very beginning by covering batting, basting, threads, needles, etc... or jump straight to designs.

Hand Embroidered Towel - class fee $15: Take a minute to slow down a bit and learn to embroider by hand. Embroidered towels are a classic project. Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced stitchers. Kit Required: Prices vary depending on the specific kit.

Hand Embroidered Towel Class Sample

Hand Piecing - class fee $15: Learn the joys of sewing two pieces of fabric together by hand. The project is simple but the technique can be applied to almost anything. Beginner Friendly. 

Hand Piecing Class Sample

Hand Quilting - (1 session) class fee $15: Learn the joys of quilting by hand. Kit required (includes fabric (top and backing), batting, thread and a needle). Beginner Friendly. 

Hawaiian Applique - class fee $15: Learn the basics of Hawaiian Applique while making this gorgeous block. We turned ours into a pillow. But you could make more blocks and turn them into a table runner or quilt. No machine is required for this class as the applique is all done by hand. Our sample is hand quilted as well. 

Hawaiian Applique Class Sample

Hello Pouch - class fee $15; This fun little bag can be made in multiple sizes, size medium is shown in the photo. Learn how fun it can be to sew with vinyl. Learn a slick method for putting a zipper into a bag and go home with a finished bag you can use right away. Pattern required.

Hello Pouch class sample

Improvisational (Improv) Piecing - (1 session) - class fee $20: This course will cover various techniques of improvisational piecing while making a traditional block - the log cabin block. Some of the topics included will be elements of design and color, free-form straight piecing, free-form curved piecing, and inset piecing. No two projects ever turn out the same! You can make something small as we did for our sample (it finishes at 16" by 16" and would make a great pillow cover or small wall hanging) or keep adding more blocks to make a larger project. 

Improvisational Piecing Class Sample

Jelly Roll Rug - (1 session but a second can be scheduled if necessary to finish) - class fee $15: Pattern Required. There are several patterns to choose from and we can teach you any pattern you choose. The original Jelly Roll Rug is shown in the photo.

Jelly Roll Rug Class Sample

Kitchen Items :: Oven Mitt, Trivet/Pot Holder (1 session) - class fee $15: Beat the heat with your own designer silicone trivet/pot holder or oven mitt. Pattern Required: Hot Stuff Oven Mitt and/or Hot Stuff Trivet & Pot Holder. Pattern includes one silicon overlay for the project. Then you can purchase just the silicone overlays without the pattern to make more. You can make either project in the class - your choice. Both are shown below: Oven Mitt (1st photo below); Trivet/Pot Holder (2nd photo below).

Oven Mitt

Trivet/Pot Holder

Kitchen Scarf (1 session) - class fee $15: Do you find that your towel is always on the other side of the kitchen from where you need it? Then you need a kitchen scarf! Pattern required: Kitchen Scarf ($3.99). You can use our toweling by the yard (3/4 yard) or you can use pre-made towels/washcloths. In addition to the toweling you will need a little fabric. 

 kitchen scarf

Machine Applique (1 session) - class fee $15: Love the look of needle-turn applique but don't enjoy handwork? Learn how to get the same look by machine! We can also teach you how to do fusible applique. Both are machine finished techniques.

Machine Applique class sample

Maui Glam Bag - (1 session) - class fee $20: This fairly simple bag is great for beginner bag makers. You will learn how to put in a zipper and how to attach a D-ring with swivel clip on the handle. Pattern required for the class. Intermediate Level bag maker. 

Maui Glam Bag class sample

Paper Piecing (1 session) - class fee $15: Learn this versatile and fun piecing technique. We can teach you how to do this the traditional way in which you sew through the paper. This is the best technique for beginners to learn. Or we can teach you a more modern method in which you use freezer paper and do not sew through the paper. The block shown below is the project no matter which method you choose to learn.

Paper Piecing class sample

Piecing 101 (2 sessions) - class fee $40: This is our newest Beginning Quilt Making class. In this class you will learn how to properly and safely cut fabric using a rotary cutter. You will learn how to sew an accurate 1/4" seam allowance, how to make half-square triangle units, flying geese units and how to properly add borders to your project. Kit required.

To learn how to quilt and finish your project you will need to take Quilting 101 and then Finishing School.

Piecing 101 class sample

Quilting 101 - (1 session or more as needed) - class fee $15 per session: This class is intended to serve as the next class after taking Piecing 101. In this class you will learn how to simply quilt your project from Piecing 101 with a machine and walking foot. One session. Completion of Piecing 101 is required. NOTE: this class does not include Free-Motion Quilting. If you want to learn Free-Motion Quilting take our Free-Motion Quilting class instead.

Raggy Row - class fee $15: This is a great beginner project! Very forgiving if you aren't a perfect sewist yet. Kit required and if you don't like any of the ones we have made up we would be happy to make a custom kit for you (a few days notice is required for this though).

Raggy Row class sample 

Self-Binding Blanket - class fee $15 (1 session): Learn how to make this fun baby blanket. Most folks can finish the project during the class. Kit Required, but we can make you a customer kit if you don't like any that we already have made up.

Self Binding Blanket class sample

Stella Bag & Wallet - class fee $20 (1 session): Make this fun bag and wallet set. The bag has pockets on the inside that are customizable and a zipper top closure. The wallet has multiple pockets inside for credit cards, a zipper pocket for change and a place for bills. It has a magnetic snap closure. Pattern Required: Stella Bag and Wallet

Stella Bag and Wallet

Wagon Wheel - class fee $40 (2 sessions): You will learn to use a 10° wedge ruler to create the block. You will need 2 contrasting fabrics for the wedges. Then you will learn how to audition the other fabrics to complete the block. Class is for the confident beginner who can sew an accurate ¼” seam allowance. You will make one block in class. Book required: Wedge Quilt Workshop. Ruler Required10° wedge ruler

Wagon Wheel class sample

Westalee Template Quilting - class fee $125 {if you pay for all five sessions at once} or $30 per session (5 sessions): In this class you will learn the basics of quilting using Westalee Templates. You must have a sewing machine, a ruler foot and the Sampler Set #1 and the Arc-Straight templates. When you sign up for the class be sure to tell us the make and model of your machine so we can order the correct ruler foot and templates for your machine. It does take several weeks for orders to arrive so be sure to sign up far enough in advance that we have time to order what you will need. Other things you may want are: an acrylic Sew Steady table for your machine (a flat surface is very important for this technique), marking pencils/pens, crosshair grid (12.5" recommended but any size is good), spacing gauge.

Westalee Template Quilting Class Sample